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But one thing they mentioned in the article in March for under the hood - they were working on the engine and DYN placements to allow them to push content out quicker. If they somehow have achieved this or are close to it, I can accept a smaller story for now in preparation for more content more often (meaning BioWare abandons their previously held business ideal of "people can leave and just come back when there is content" and instead work on getting regular content and story out), especially given the sheer number of systems overhauled in this update.

Make no mistake - this was a "groundwork" update that fundamentally changed a few systems. Now these systems can be fleshed out from here and built on, which hopefully means over the next year, the team can shift gears once the systems are "complete" to more content creation and less system overhaul.
Story felt like it was a transition-point from all the KotFE/KotET-stuff to (finally) being back to Rep vs Imp. And the end was already like a promise that there was much more story to come. Not like with SoR that ended right there with the defeat of (dark) Revan. More like Ziost but to the size of SoR.
And the often mentioned end of SWTOR by many, that Onslaught would be basically the last content update, is weird when you look at the many changes.
I'll still be observing how SWTOR goes and even if nothing's happening, I'm happy with the vanilla content alone. Not to mention RotHC, SoR, KotFE, KotET and post-KotET content. Don't know how many times I've replayed the class stories with a different character in mind, but I still very much enjoy them.

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shortest expansión if this can be called that at all..... i mean this barely have more content than 2 chapters of kotfe, the story is kinda weak and at times boring . There is almost to nothing in content wise, after playing expansións like revans, kotfe, kotet this really seems dissapointing to say the least.
what a shame considering i like the new worlds.
The story has about the length of SoR. Considering there're differences wether you're republic, imperial or saboteur, it might be overall longer. (not counting class differences)
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