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From the perspective of an Imp player--I didn't even hesitate to choose to keep my Alliance. I was given the choice of that or rejoin the Empire as the Wrath blah blah--again. It makes zero sense to take such a massive step backwards. Your character (esp. Force-users) are basically living gods at this point, who have slain other gods. The Emperor consumed the life force of an entire planet, and you put a beatdown on him AND his family. Why in the world would ANYone ever decide to be a puppet lackey for some Empress that you should be able to kill with a flick of the wrist at this point? The only REAL other option at this point would be just backhanding the Empress off YOUR rightful throne.

And when Acina offered to let my Agent be Keeper I wish there had been a lmao hell no option. Like he didn't see exactly what Sith goons did to the last Imperial Intelligence. You can't be serious.