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Just played Knight trough and at the end- DAMN. Scourge is THIRSTY. He was practically ready to hump leg the minute the scene started. Hahahaa
Man, I miss the nerves-of-steel Scourge already versus this flustered mess. Oh well. I guess a few centuries of not being able to enjoy banging makes one desperate for booty. And poor Kira who I never even married has been waiting for a kiss for almost ten years. What a weird ending scene, two thirsty companions return ready to bang the same man. Oof.

Oh well. Having some domestic fights now trying to establish dominance with mr. big-bad-sith-burning-for-a-bang rofl
I thought Sourge and Kira might have been involved and that was where the whole convo about emotions was headed, but nope. Instead, old scourge was harboring some closeted fellings for my Jedi Knight, I had to friendzone him on the spot. lol

Glad to have the gang back together again