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Onderon is nice, Mek-Sha is nice. Outside of these, the only interesting aspect of the expansion is the Kira/Scourge epilogue. I'm honestly stunned at just how creatively bankrupt, banal, unintriguing and boring the story of Onslaught was. "Fleet going to defend/take Corellia". That's literally it. All headlined by same-old-same-old Malgus. Half of the time playing the expansion I had deja vu of vanilla content I already beat 8 years ago.

Say what you want about the execution of KOTFEET, the Valkorion part in particular, but in comparsion to Onslaught, that story was a tsunami of fresh ideas, massive cast of surprising characters, new cultures & civilizations, unexpected developements, twists & turns, intrigues, mysteries, etc.

Seriously Bioware? "Rehashed Malgus Imp vs Rep plot of the day" is your idea of SWTOR's story going forward? You CANNOT blame me for expecting more from professional writers
This sums it up pretty good, yep.

Not to forget about the scourge/kira return (which was *********** bad in itself. I thought they would re-introduce them in a big, meaningful way, maybe while we were fighting on corella but NOPE.) where bioware decided to waste something big like the Emperors real body in a quick 3 min-dialogue. (And what about Satele? I didnt even understood that part)

The only good thing i will remember is that i will get all my titles back and will be one of the jedi high council again.

But all in all this "expansion" is nothing but a dissapointment.
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