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10.28.2020 , 02:10 PM | #6
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I was not playing for few years and came back. Can somebody tell me why schematics from reverse engineering of color crystals were removed ? To be honest I do not see any viable reason to run artifice at all.
This sort of goes for all the skills, but I think Artifice in particular does need more schematics. Even for creating crystals and dyes, the ones you get from the crafting vendor and the few you get out in the world are very boring. (I really don't know of many dropped schematics but I know TFB/SnV still drop the same colored crystals all the time LOL).

What I would have liked the recent augment update to do is: instead of ranked and MM ops dropping new mats for augments nobody wanted, have them get a small chance to reward you with special crafting schematics for valuable dyes, color crystals, armstech weapons, armormech armors, etc. which are almost as tough to craft as the new augments are.

Though that will probably never happen, since most of the items I'm thinking of schematics for are on the CM or on the GTN listed for at least 100M credits. Why would they give us access to that fancy cosmetic stuff just for playing the game when they can lock it exclusively behind Cartel Coins?