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10.27.2020 , 06:55 AM | #4
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Define "viable"...

I'm pretty sure, for example, that I can craft Black/Deep Red dye modules(1) for cheaper than people sell them on the GTN.

(1) Schematic from the <Reputation Vendor> on Oricon.
Yeah, well one thing is to craft dye modules, but still. In current time, there is nothing for endgame, that artifice is viable. Even those color crystals are more of vanity items. I know about dye modules, believe me I know them all, but I'd love to have ability to craft maybe relics. I know I can, but who would bother when you get full set of 306 relics just by running few veteran FPs. Biochem has stims and adrenals (reusables only for biochemists) thats their thing. Cybertech now got this new meterial for 300 augments. Which I found quite niche when you take prices and availability into account.
What artifice has?
Faster runs of Athiss and black-red dye modules for all the edge lords in the empire. It feels not viable.