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I was not playing for few years and came back. Can somebody tell me why schematics from reverse engineering of color crystals were removed ? To be honest I do not see any viable reason to run artifice at all.
No one knows for sure. Personally, I think it is broken (i.e. the ability to reverse engineer schematics for Cyan, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Black-Orange, Black-Purple, etc. from the looted versions in operations or those crafted by other players). However, the ability to learn schematics from other high end gear made by other players was removed with 4.0 starting with item rating 234 and up ... basically any of the schematics that dropped as part of Galactic Command. I believe the devs did not want players learning the schematics through RE from any of the newer stuff, but they probably broke the 1.x color crystals in the process.

If the devs bring back the schematics as fully tradeable loot, and restore the ability to reverse engineer from LOOTED versions of the color crystals, then I would be OK with not being able to RE from player-crafted versions. But regardless, they should be brought back.

There's plenty of viable reasons to run artifice, because dye modules always sell well. That fact doesn't diminish the importance of bringing back those color crystals.
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