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It's happening on Satele Shan now.
It started on Satele Shan. The video that we linked you to, where it was explained and stuff, was by Audson, on Satele Shan.

The Strike seems to only get off two primary shots for an insta kill.
Do two shots instantly kill you? If you are low enough that two shots will kill you instantly, then the strike that shoots two shots in a small window will kill you. Otherwise you would have had to wait a half a second for the second shot, to kill you. You would die in half a second, or perhaps less, if you are two shots from death.

This is like, how the math works.

Probably something the dev staff should look at when they come back from their halloween/thanksgiving/christmas/new years break in May 2020.
So, you're of the opinion that piledriving is unbalanced? Or are you actually of the opinion that piledrivers kill in two shots? The first is a reasonable opinion to have (as is almost any balance opinion), the second is based on a false premise, and therefore unreasonable.

Do you understand what piledriving is? Have you tried it? Read about it?
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