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i leveled all the way to 50 as deception and decided to play with madness afterward in regards to PvP deception is defiantly superior the quick burst style is essential for 1v1 style. With that said PvPing as madness the overall damage done is alot higher though your killing blows may be lower. i found in most 1v1 situations i was doomed and against a healer without having low slash it was hard to get them down but in anything else i.e 2v2, 3v3, etc madness poses a solid threat.

PvE wise i have to say madness is the way to go. Though the rotation is harder and takes some getting use to with the range and debuff/buff timers it seems to do more damage.

(now i obviously dont have a dmg meter to prove it but while in deception spec i never pulled threat but in madness i have to vanish on every boss fight because i pull half way through)

ps death field crits for about 2600
Well i have to disagree mad sins are worst in killing healers.
In fact as madness sin i usually target healers due to the fact i know they have no way of defending themselves against mea.
I mean - when i kill their barier with death field [that actually crits for 3-4k depending on the fact i trigger my stim and relic or not] i start of the doting, discharge + creeping terror, then some quick shock [to get dmg boost] and trash to trigger raze and shoot crushing darkness, later on its only a matter of properly rotating stuns and repeating the ultimate damage rotation [and starting to spam assasinate as soon as they drop below 30%]

Sure it takes some time to kill healer, but targeting the main healer makes his team doomed to be wiped out
Such healer can chose among 3 things : heal his team and ignore me, wich will end up as him dead quite imidieatly, screw his party and start to self-heal [most people do this] it will make his party vulnerable and left with no heals and he again die eventually due to the fact he have to focus on healing and he is unable to properly fight back, or he can focus on trying to go toe to toe and fight back, wich again will make him dead - lets be honest a pure dps vs a healer or even a healer hybrid in face to facte fight, the outcome is quite obvious [no offence to the layers that use healers, i just asume the obvious things, we all die easly in certain circumstances]

All in all - i would say madness can be a ultimate killing machine, sure deception is gr8 for some fast burst dmg, but overall i was always able to do so much more as madness sin [as deception i was focused to use mostly standard play style - assasinate people from shadows, focusing mostly on killing single targets, as madness i can sometimes go all out vs many oponents and win it out if i have at least 1 people backup, wich i was not able to do as deception]

Thou i never liked to compare classes and judge "hey class X is way better than class Y".
Both builds are gr8, but again both being dps they are used in quite difrent ways, i would say if someone preffer to be a single target ultimate killer he should try deception [strike from stealth, kill heavy tanks with small backup of healer or teamate tank, quickly end up ball carier/objective performing player etc], and madness is imho for people that want to wreack more chaos on the battlefield [annoy healers with dots, stun/cc people with annoying instant whirlwind, kill multiple targets that are weakkened, or kill mutliple targets having backup of guard or heals from ur teamate and this kind of stuff].
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