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I regularly dish out 300k+ damage, about 20k heals, and anywhere from 10-20k protection as a L50 Madnassin.

I use Dark Charge, not Lightning Charge, for PvP.

Death Field also crits for 2500+ to 3 targets. Meanwhile, I'm randomly dotting people up with Creeping Terror, and any procs I get for instant Crushing Darkness. Thrash/Shock until the target is low enough to burst, randomly taunt other enemies that are wailing on team-mates. If you're in a large battle, liberal use of Overload, and the AoE taunt will reduce a significant amount of damage (unless they get smart and try to focus you - then pop defensive CDs or try and Force Cloak out).
you must be pro being able to use crushing darkness in dark charge....

Edit. My bad didn't notice someone necrod the thread.