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Did some Huntmaster & Apex, got questions

What our group liked a lot is adds responding to threat better and boss actually moving more and desyncing less - that was big hooray! Unfortunately positive and praise-like feedback ends here.

Huntmaster's Penetrating Shot & Egg Snipe are same icon. Kinda counter-intuitive - those are different things. Could we please have another icon for Egg Snipe and its Critically Injured debuff?

Shelleigh hitpoints seem worrisome. When our group decided to skip Huntmaster and go Apex we click a button. Shelleigh spawned with 1 stack and killed Huntmaster. We had to kill Shelleigh to render a lockout. Those 9.2mil HP were tough. We had one tank spec into DPS to down it. With all raid buffs, sniper shields and errything up. Thats harder than Dread Council burn. Much harder.
I dont remember if she spawns with 0 stacks under regular circumstances and maybe that makes her non-stack HP way less, that would resolve the case - namely pushing even one add into lake makes Shelleigh undefeatable unless you bring 6 sages who will purge stacks with barrier and pull each other out of 'Nommed' area (I didn't say this, absolutely no class stacking 'exploit' is intended. Well maybe a little sage is new powertech confirmed).

Also I want to say that no new mechanics on Shelleigh is disappointing. Very. Overall Huntmaster is very disappointing - eggs are cool but whole rodeo with add to put it...its overcomplicated, poorly rewarded and doesn't even feel fun. The fight feels like 101 ways to die horribly. Stay there, don't do this, don't touch that, have tanks do everything right and nothing wrong and maybe you stay alive (a bit like Nahut with oneshot mines, but chaotic and for some reason less fun)

Like literally from what we've seen NiM brings only eggs as a new mechanic and everything else except pure damage increase is connected to it - Egg Snipe; Kolto Bomb on boss; Possibility of trauma on some group members when dying in two ticks of damage is easiest thing ever. This mechanic indeed makes fight difficult enough to be NiM. But it's not fun. Dunno how to put it better

Now a little about Apex:
Is spawn rate of Anti-Thief droids correct atm? 2 spawn when battery is extracted and after that they seem to spawn on timer like each 20s, flooding the whole room with their presence.

If antitheft droids leave electricity puddle on death..dont let me get started on how anti-melee that is...the real question here is: Why wash doesn't electrocute the whole room? Physics, please!
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