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01.10.2013 , 06:49 AM | #5
sorry thats not how I read it. They said if anyone is found in violation of terms of service risks action being taken on their game account, including and up to the possibility of being permanently banned from play.

Basically they arent going to tell you what they do and this is standard practice and more for the damn legal department than anything. This is a standard behavior when dealing with contractual agreements because of the wonderful sue happy environrment in the USA but since this is the second message Ive seen from them on this issue posted publicly, I'd hazard a guess action has been taken or is about to be taken against a number of accounts so ya if you want to keep using exploits or hacks you are risking your account.

I have to say I am impressed Bioware is speaking about this again because I was sick of reading all the deniers who think their weak "nothing is happening" argument was really believable. Guess Ill pull out my skates lol.
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