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Tactical Items and set bonus ideas.

I have played a seer for many years. In recent expansions changes to the energy pool and healing cost has changed the class for the worse and made it less fun to play. The impacts of this are less people playing harder content.

My ideas to remedy the weaknesses of this healing class are as follows.

Set bonuses.
1. Increase energy regain by 100%
2. Salvation force cost and cooldown reduced by 50%
3. Force armor absorbs twice the amount of damage.

(1) I chose this as energy starvation happens often and can occur very fast. Resource starvation is a real issue in game now, the following scenario illustrates this point. When newbies do not understand mechanics and tactics during a boss encounter, an experienced healer should be able to mitigate the many mistakes made by team members, too many times operations fail with PuGs leaving all frustrated and despondent.
(2) currently salvation is a real drain on resources, and limits sustained healing.
(3) Force armour needs a big buff, during PvP encounters its lasts seconds as dps numbers now are ridiculously high!

Tactical items ideas
Modify Vindicate to generate more force energy and eliminate the weary debuff.
Restoration now removes all debuffs from friendly target. Just removing 2 debuffs is far too low, I have thought this for many years.
Wandering mend now heals twice as many team mates for 50% more (again sustained healing)
Healing trance can be channelled while moving (I think that this long channel ability should be channelled while moving as standard)
Deliverance cast time reduced to 1 sec and increases the crit chance.
Force armour cleanses 2 debuffs when it expires. (useful for PvP)
Mental alacrity lasts twice as long.
Armor rating stat is increased by x amount (healers are very squishy)
After being stunned, all healing is increased by 100% to yourself (helps to recover after being chain stunned in ranked).

While I am giving feedback, I think that soothing protection is a redundant passive, it brings nothing to the healing experience as it itís a very low heal.
The relic of ephemeral mending heals for a very low amount and no one uses this relic above Focused retribution and serendipitous assault.
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