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Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Our goal for set bonuses is to introduce new bonuses, and potentially with even new sizes so you can mix and match.
I know this is a more general comment and not specific to Corruption/Seer spec, but since this is the thread where I'll probably most actively post I might as well say it here: I'm not sure how you plan to make the mix and match work, or what limitations the game code might impose, but I think it would be pretty nifty if armoring set bonuses came only in sets of 2.

Meaning, rather than needing to stack six pieces in order to get the specific bonus you might want that normally comes at tier three of a set, you could treat each individual bonus as a separate thing, toward which you'd only need two pieces. Ultimately that would mean everyone still only gets three bonuses, but I could take one bonus from one "tree" and another bonus from a separate tree and so on. In a way this might mean that "trees" as we consider them wouldn't really exist any longer, but rather we'd just have a large pool of bonuses to pick from one, one paired set at a time.

Of course this would require that armorings, even those with set bonuses, not be tied to specific gear slots.

I have no idea if that would work, but as long as we're just spitballing, figure I'll throw it out there.

Quote: Originally Posted by SlimeyDoom View Post
As someone who has extensively played sorc heals in multiple seasons with multiple gold rated characters in group ranked, I’d really love buffs to Corruption’s sustained healing and aoe healing. I would strongly recommend that the healing output of revivification be increased to keep sorcerer healing competitive in group ranked settings.
I just want to mention that I think SlimeyDoom's ideas are all excellent. I can see how some of them are pretty specifically useful to PVP, but as someone who runs Ops and other end game PVE far more than I PVP, I see benefit to their suggestions in a PVE environment too. I liked all of their suggestions actually, but here are some that I think would be just as useful in PVE (all of which I interpreted to be for Tactical items):

Quote: Originally Posted by SlimeyDoom View Post
Innervate: Innervate grants the target Corrupted Resilience, increasing the recipients’ damage reduction by x% while the ability is channeled on them. Alternatively, the other option is that Innervate grants the target Dark Empowerment, increasing the recipient’s damage dealt by % while the ability is channeled on them.
Admittedly for this one I think, from a PVE perspective, I'd opt for the first variant (increasing damage reduction) rather than the second one (increasing damage dealt). This would further highlight the Seer/Sorc's usefulness as a single target tank/burst healer, given that other classes currently have stronger AOE.

Quote: Originally Posted by SlimeyDoom View Post
Revivification: Revivification becomes Mass Revivification, increasing its healing done by x% for every target hit by this ability. Alternatively, it becomes Focused Revivification, dealing increased healing if there are fewer targets. For example, if normally Reviv heals for 100, this would make it heal for 400 to a single target over its duration, but only 25 to eight people.
Again with this one, looking at it from a PVE perspective, I think I lean more toward the first variant (increasing healing done by x% for every target hit by the ability). This would make Seers/Sorcs very valuable in those "everyone group up for AOE heals!" moments of an Operation phase, and would incentivize smarter play from Seers/Sorcs who would need to adapt to the importance of their making sure those group heals are ready when they need to be.

Quote: Originally Posted by SlimeyDoom View Post
Resurgence: Resurgence becomes either Resurgent Burst, doing all of its healing in one big tick, or Resurgent Sustenance, increasing the healing over time effect.
I love both of these variants.

Of SmileyDoom's set bonus suggestions, I think they're all great, but in particular this one feels useful to PVE healers:

Quote: Originally Posted by SlimeyDoom View Post
Force Attunement Setbonus: focuses on restoring force to the sorcerer
2 piece: Increases base force regeneration by x
4 piece: While under the effect of Force Bending, your next healing ability consumes x% less force
6 piece: Increases the force restored by Consuming Darkness by x (current 4 piece setbonus
That being said, if I lost my set bonus that reduces the cooldown of Healing Trance/Innervate I would cry. That one alone might compel me to pick one set over another, if bonuses are still going to be tiered rather than available in just sets of two.

Quote: Originally Posted by Ollmich View Post
Here’re some more regarding Tactical Items. Maybe they’re a bit crazy but I hope make sense anyway.

Mental Alacrity / Polarity Shift grants 2 stacks of Fancily Named Effect which makes:
  • Healing Trance / Innervate and Deliverance / Dark Infusion instant (can be helpful when burst healing is required)
  • OR Healing Trance / Innervate and Salvation / Revivification instant (can be helpful when strong AoE healing is required)
^ I really like this above suggestion from Ollmich for a Tactical item. Salvation already has a good chance of an instant cast, but having one on demand would be nice (especially since I usually reserve popping Mental Alacrity for when #&% is hitting the fan in an Ops), and I would particularly love an instant cast option on Healing Trance for those situations.

Also really love this suggestion:

Quote: Originally Posted by Ollmich View Post
Possible additions to Force management:
  • Consuming stacks of Resplendence / Force Surge 2 or 3 times in a row via Vindicate / Consuming Darkness increases the amount of Force restored with each stack by 5 points (1st: x; 2nd: x+5; 3rd: x+10)
And the below suggestion of Estelindis's is one I like as well:

Quote: Originally Posted by Estelindis View Post
Enhancing existing utility bonuses to force bubble (which apply only to oneself) vs. allowing others to benefit from them
This one launches me into some of my own suggestions.

For Tactical items:

Force Armor: Remove the 15 second debuff that prevents a fresh Force Armor from being applied on a target, or at least reduce it. This could be a potent boost, but I think it's balanced by its requiring careful attention and timing from a healer who further needs to know how to prioritize and juggle mitigation with direct healing. I think this would be a fun tool in an Ops especially. (And granted I am thinking of this as just a tool for Ops where a healer has to juggle multiple abilities on a full raid and can't just spam this one; I can see how this might really break things in PVP. I wonder if there will be a way to make certain Tactical items not work in PVP environments?)

Force Armor and the Telekinetic Defense utility: Currently this utility makes Force Armor damage attackers when they attack you but it works only on Armors you apply to yourself. A Tactical item that might let you apply this utility's effect (or any of the utility enhancements to Armors, as Estelindis mentioned) to Armors you place on other people would be neat.

Benevolence and the Benevolent Haste utility: Currently this utility grants the recipient of a Benevolence cast a movement speed increase for 6 seconds. A Tactical item that might add damage reduction for 6 seconds to that after-effect would be great, that would make this heal more viable to expend the energy on, beyond just using it when instant-cast procs pop up (which is currently the only time I ever touch this ability in any setting, Ops or PVP or otherwise).

Weaken Mind: Activating Weaken Mind gives you a buff that lasts X seconds which is consumed by your next activation of Force Mend, and causes Force Mend to heal you for an additional amount. If you wanted to make this more challenging to achieve then tie it to the activation of an ability that isn't an instant cast instead, like Mind Crush (but not a channeled ability that might be interrupted by an enemy or by choice, just something that will trigger once an ability is successfully shot off). Basically, something that gives healers a small reward for occasionally lending a DPS boost hand where fights allow for it.

Forcequake/Force Storm: Every fully channeled Forcequake or Force Storm adds a stack of a temporary buff that provides x% of damage reduction, stacking up to something like 3 times. This would be super, super useful for Seers just out doing their solo PVE grind activities (mopping up big groups can be a tediously long task for this squishy Discpline, even with a level 50 comp, and a damage reduction from our sole AOE ability would allow us to spend more seconds DPSing rather than having to stop to heal).

I just want to add that I am super excited about the potential of Tactical items. I am really liking the idea of collecting multiple and different Tactical items, which I can swap around depending on the needs of a given fight or activity. It would be not only fun to feel like I could customize to that degree, but also would give me a reason to want to gear grind for a long time in order to collect all the specific Tactical items I'd like to have in my arsenal.