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I like suggestions listed above. Here’re some more regarding Tactical Items. Maybe they’re a bit crazy but I hope make sense anyway.

Mental Alacrity / Polarity Shift grants 2 stacks of Fancily Named Effect which makes:
  • Healing Trance / Innervate and Deliverance / Dark Infusion instant (can be helpful when burst healing is required)
  • OR Healing Trance / Innervate and Salvation / Revivification instant (can be helpful when strong AoE healing is required)

Salvation / Revivification is no longer affected by stacks of Resplendence / Force Surge but:
  • its healing output is increased
  • OR its cast time is decreased

Benevolence / Dark Heal is no longer affected by Deliverance / Dark Infusion (Altruism effect for sages, not sure how it’s called for sorcs) but in addition to initial heal:
  • puts a HoT on the target which heals it for the same amount
  • OR heals sage / sorc for the same amount

[Based on Estelindis' idea] Force Mend / Unnatural Preservation heals not only sage / sorc but also group members:
  • affected by Salvation / Revivification for 50% of FM / UP healing output
  • OR affected by Rejuvenate / Resurgence for 100% of FM / UP healing output

Possible additions to Force management:
  • Consuming stacks of Resplendence / Force Surge 2 or 3 times in a row via Vindicate / Consuming Darkness increases the amount of Force restored with each stack by 5 points (1st: x; 2nd: x+5; 3rd: x+10)
  • OR If player has 2 or 3 stacks of Resplendence / Force Surge and uses Vindicate / Consuming Darkness, all 2 or 3 stacks are consumed instantly (2x / 3x)