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I like SlimeyDoom's ideas a lot. In spite of playing this spec more than any other in the game, I don't feel I have the same level of analytic expertise offered in Slimey's post, and really have to stand in awe of the great suggestions.

Nonetheless, the following features of the seer sage (and corruption sorc) stand out to me as offering interesting customization (speaking in general terms as I tend to forget the Imperial names of the abilities):
  • Higher instant Force regeneration vs. faster Force regeneration over time
  • Better single target healing vs. more targets for multi-target / AoE healing (more people can avail of the healing puddle, more transfers for the wandering heal)
  • Stronger ticks for heal-over-time vs. longer duration
  • Enhancing existing utility bonuses to force bubble (which apply only to oneself) vs. allowing others to benefit from them
  • Making the self-only heal more powerful (still only targeting self) vs. also making it heal another party member (to make this not-terrible, it wouldn't be a totally random party member but either the one on lowest health - maybe too powerful? - or a random member who currently benefits from some other effect that we'd have to apply beforehand, e.g. random other party member with force bubble or HoT)
  • Longer range on the teleport vs. faster cooldown on the teleport

I also really like SlimeyDoom's idea of our cleanse having a lower cooldown vs. also being able to cleanse tech effects - to my embarrassment, I never would have thought of it myself.

The invulnerability bubble seems already to be very strong. I don't know anything about balance, but I still feel like anything that would make this ability stronger could be too strong.
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