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Hey Eric,
The last few balance patches and previous gear tiers have made operative healers dramatically outclass mercenary and sorcerer healing in group ranked and pvp settings. As someone who has extensively played sorc heals in multiple seasons with multiple gold rated characters in group ranked, Iíd really love buffs to Corruptionís sustained healing and aoe healing. I would strongly recommend that the healing output of revivification be increased to keep sorcerer healing competitive in group ranked settings. On to set bonus and tactical item ideas!

Expunge: Expunge becomes Empowered Expunge which has a higher cooldown but allows Sorcerors to cleanse Tech effects. Alternatively, they could instead take Hasteful Cleanse, which has a lower cooldown but cannot cleanse Tech effects.

Innervate: Innervate grants the target Corrupted Resilience, increasing the recipientsí damage reduction by x% while the ability is channeled on them. Alternatively, the other option is that Innervate grants the target Dark Empowerment, increasing the recipientís damage dealt by % while the ability is channeled on them.

Revivification: Revivification becomes Mass Revivification, increasing its healing done by x% for every target hit by this ability. Alternatively, it becomes Focused Revivification, dealing increased healing if there are fewer targets. For example, if normally Reviv heals for 100, this would make it heal for 400 to a single target over its duration, but only 25 to eight people.

Consuming Darkness: In addition to its previous force restoring effects, sorcerors can upgrade to Fortifying Consumption. This heals all allies within 10 meters of the sorcerer for x when used. The other option is Spiteful Consumption, which increases the amount of force restored by this ability by x.

Resurgence: Resurgence becomes either Resurgent Burst, doing all of its healing in one big tick, or Resurgent Sustenance, increasing the healing over time effect.

For some set bonus ideas:
Force Attunement Setbonus: focuses on restoring force to the sorcerer
2 piece: Increases base force regeneration by x
4 piece: While under the effect of Force Bending, your next healing ability consumes x% less force
6 piece: Increases the force restored by Consuming Darkness by x (current 4 piece setbonus

Dark Restoration Setbonus:: focuses on increasing burst healing
2 piece: Healing an ally has a chance to grant an autocrit Dark infusion (current 2 piece set bonus)
4 piece: Reduces the cast time of Dark Infusion 0.x seconds
6 piece: Reduces the cooldown of innervate by x seconds (current 6 piece set bonus)

Sustaining Corruption Setbonus: focuses on increasing sustained healing
2 piece: Roaming Mend costs x less force
4 piece: Using a healing ability reduces the cooldown of Resurgence by 1 second
6 piece: Revivification can now be casted while moving, and has a reduced force cost when casted

Hopefully some of these ideas were helpful