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When strongholds were first introduced, there was one shared limit of 25 for personnel, companions and pets.
That was changed very quickly to the way it is now, where the limit only applies to "interactable" NPCs
(i.e. companions, vendors, and a handful of pets (the glowing ones and one of the promotional droids)

Just tested it - the limit is still 25 and it's still shared by companions, vendors and selectable pets, but since the vast majority of personnel decorations and pets can't be selected and thus are excluded from that limit it isn't really noticeable, unless you want to place all your post-KOFE companions in a stronghold.
There are still a number of non-vendor personnel decos that count toward the 25 NPC limit. Master Gnost-Dural, Don the Exile Knight, Life Day Reveler, the Dramath, Valkorian and Vaylin holos, for example.
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