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07.13.2015 , 04:49 PM | #17
All these 2% dmg increase and autocrit bonuses are awfully boring and don't make much sense in some cases.

-These autocrits can result in someone getting globaled in 3 seconds in arenas where there's no tanks and every dps is focusing 1 target.
-The 2% dmg increase ... ZZzzz

Here's a list of the nice and fun bonuses that are already in game:

-Reduces the minimum range of saber throw - Juggs

-Lightning Strike and Lightning Bolt or Disturbance and Telekinetic Burst reduce the cooldown of Recklessness or Force Potency by 1 second. - Sorcs

-Consumption or Noble Sacrifice no longer removes any health when used with a stack of Force Surge or Resplendence. - Sorcs

-Wither or Slow Time reduces the cooldown of Mind Control and Mass Mind Control by 2 seconds per activation. - Sins

-Dark Ward’s or Kinetic Ward’s duration is increased by 3 seconds and charges are increased by 3. - Sins

These are the couple examples that have a direct impact on how you play your toon. Having more bonuses that reduces the cooldowns of certain abilities when activating another ability would be great. You could take some of the class utilities in the utility tree and make them set bonuses instead. Like the marauder's cloak of annihilation.

One of my old favorite bonus was the 8% heal when activating intercede as a jugg. Would probably be too much right now since juggs are pretty tough but you can see how a bonus like that would change someone's behavior.

It seems pretty clear that bonuses for healers and tanks are better or a lot more specific and tailored for their role because they're made for just 1 discipline while dps bonuses have to work for 2 disciplines

There's also a couple unfairness when it comes to having every class get 1 autocrit. Operative's kolto injection is a lesser heal compared to Merc's healing scan but both get the autocrit treatment . Could say the same about ambush and maul and heatseeker missiles.

In the end, i think the answer is to bring back separate PVE and PVP bonuses. PVE bonuses would result in higher dps or easier energy management while PVP bonuses would result in better utilities or defensive abilities.