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Quote: Originally Posted by UlaVii View Post
Both of those players were added to the list. They were not in guild with those characters but now they can never join.
There you go, this is exactly the issue. You preemptively ban people! No wonder you have reached the limit. So someone writes he doesnt like gays and you are gay so you will ban him upfront if he tries to enter you guild. I mean thats a bit crazy, dont you think?

As you said 1000 may not be enough, but where will it end? I tell you where, when there will be 10000 players in the game and from those 3000 will be in your 3 guilds and 7000 will be baned to enter, maybe then you will be satisfied. As it was said in this thread even 100 ppl limit for ban should be enough. If you however stand on fleet and read chat and ban people "just in case" then you will need an endless limit (which will damage the game in the end).

On one side I feel sorry for you having such a big guild because its an unnecessary burden, you attract all of the scum in this game, god knows why. On the other side, thats what you get when you overdo it.
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