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You need to realize you are not the only biggest guild out there. There are quite a few guilds with the same size and structure as yours and they dont come here crying about stuff they wanna add. How about you just try to work stuff out yourself?

A big guild is a big responsibility so deal with it. Each change they make to suit your personal needs will make the game more complex and even slower, so please instead of relying on Devs to do the job for you improve your hiring process, remove guild inv rights from people that shouldnt have them etc. If you cant make a big guild then just let it be.
Tbh this is irelivant lists like this should only be limited bye server capacity so having 1-2 k of them is more then fine
same with ignorelists not asmutch as a problem here but in other games i can cap out my ignorelist quite easy and thats just as infuriating as this isssue for gms. but atleast there is a systme in place so thats something