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You were indeed. The UK is currently on BST which is GMT+1, so you need to add the +1 to adjust for summer time. Next weekend the UK and most of the western world changes back to winter time and then the UK will be on GMT again.
That explains it all. I've been wondering why the maintenances here have always began an hour later than it has been said it would begin (I live in Finland, so we're two hours ahead of British time) so if for example it was said that the maintenance would begin at 12.00 British time, it would be 14.00 here. But since it's summer time, you need to add one more hour to clock. I do still wonder why it hasn't been switched so that the maintenance (that I used as an example) begins at 1300 British time instead of 1200 due the summer time? Many thanks for those who have clicked my Referral link, I've been able to unlock many things. ^_^
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