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I feel like I'm one with the crowd. Every person of the same class looks similar to me. I wish there was a way I can stand out from the crowd with different colored armor. The new armor customization system in 1.2 doesn't help. It only makes your armor matching. A new system of dyes and paints would make people look different.
you will be able to match the armor according to the chests colour.

I think this is a limited idea. Bioware should have gone a little further with it. The first item you check the box for should be your basic colour pallet. Any other item you click after that matches the first item, that way you can match your clothing to your gloves, boots, helm, what ever you wish.

Now the orange mod system is Biowares answer to an appearance tab. Right now it is extremely limited.

Some people trust Bioware and actually believe that every model and skin colour are available as an orange item. This is completely false and even in 1.2 will not become reality. So their orange mod system is limited by how much work Bioware is willing to put in to update every item in their database so players can make an orange mod version of it in game.

Sad part, this system existed way back in beta. In beta every item was modable and every item could be used like orange gear currently. They decided to lock in the mods for greens, blues, and purples and only make certain items orange.

Biowares vision is flawed and seems to have been since beta. It's kind of sad that they want such a complex system but keep flip flopping back and forth.