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got a new one and this time got the proof for it lol
That is indeed well proven... but you will have to do better since you actually already have a record posted in that category under Gaa'ra with 10 solo kills! So, if you beat your own record there, you will advance up the list : )

New Category Added: Total Damage (T2 or T3 gs)

All you T2 and T3 gunship aces out there now have a less Quarrelsome and unManglered category of your own to post damage high scores in, and it comes in both Domination and Deathmatch flavors. Vexxial's brutal bombardment in TDM kicks off that list, but the Dom side is a clean slate. Fill it up with some numbers!

New Category Proposed: Kill Streak for each Ship Class

It was requested that I add Kill Streak categories to each of the ship classes, and I shall make it so unless there is any objection to the expansion of that record category.

That'll probably be it for the new/expanded records categories, but opening those up might encourage some further heroics so I'm willing to do so.