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A well-reasoned approach to an interesting problem, Nem.

I'm bound to agree with the whole 'pick one' response to Seismics. Maybe expand it to 'pick two', given that I'm not sure precisely how a fix would work that would limit it to a single one of those options. The bursty nature of mines pretty much precludes other potential reworks.

Also, to address a concern higher up in the posting, I'm confident that Chris and the development team at Austin can put away their personal preferences to address what is being cogently, thoughtfully, and without emotional import referred to them as a potential problem.

I think I also agree with the extension of satellite capture range, but only to an extent. It is pretty much always going to be advantageous to tuck right up into the fins for a measure of cover, and there's always going to be a need to pry people out of there. While this would allow players to put the satellite into jeopardy without risking close-combat mine-flavored death, somebody's still going to have to crowbar that Bomber out of there, else the extended range for capture will only serve to the Bomber's Team's advantage, since now, reinforcements can come to the rescue sooner by benefit of the increased range.

What about, instead, giving defense turrets a counter to enemy campers? Maybe a tractor beam to yank them out of where they don't belong? No idea if it could be made to work, but I do like the idea of more active and dangerous turrets. (Of course I say that from 15k off...)
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