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Please use this thread to brainstorm any ideas that you have around what general set bonuses and tactical items you would like to see in the game. I may not respond frequently in this thread but know that I am going to be compiling everything and sending it over to the team.
I think you still don't understand two fundamental things when it comes to class balance.

1. Regular warzones, Ranked Arenas and PVE content needs different utilities and most importantly: set bonuses.

2. Each advanced class should be forced to choose 3 or 4 from the following features (and not give almost all of those like you do now to certain ranged classes):
(i) Ranged damage (instead of being melee by default)
(ii) Single Target Damage Boost
(iii) AOE/DOT damage Boost
(iv) Survavibility (damage mitigation)
(v) Self-heal
(vi) Mobility
(vii) Stealth
(viii) Team utilities (AOE slows, group heals, mass taunt, minor buffs, etc.)

So acutally your general idea of class tweeking is fundamentally wrong. The choices made should be always a leaf picked in a tree as it is done in GSF.