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The call to nerf operatives was insanely strong at the time. Ever since 2.0 hit scoundrels havent really had a defined roll in pvp since then, atleast not one that everyone could agree upon. Its amazing to see that many posts on the topic though. This might actually be the birth place of the "Nerf Operatives" movement.

I dont think it was until they allowed parsers to work before they finally addressed an ops dps in pve, and only because it was so abysmal.
The rage against operatives was real at launch. With what they were capable of using on demand adrenals and relics, the burst was rather insane. The funny thing was that I think watchman sent/ annihilation mara was even more overpowered at the time. Since I was ridiculously lucky with the champion bags and had a full champ set 2 weeks post launch, my sent was particularly op. Had a geared operative open on me, and just laughed as I healed to full using GBTF and killed the op because he was two stubborn to run away. People cried about annihilation/watchman at the time, but not nearly as much as operatives.
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