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That's exactly what's he's saying. There's a nagging part of me which says that the straight option will have access to both (because hey! why should straight people feel left out?), but I know I shouldn't feel bitter because I'm supposed to be SO HAPPY that Bioware took over a year to tell us we were getting [Flirt] options which won't lead to anything...
Yeah, feel the same way, been expecting a little more, although I appreciate them starting with something, rather than do nothing. I just hope this "more infos soon" (Hickman) will include a few more details as to when and how we can expect more, otherwise this is a little.... sparse.

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With the Introduction of SGR will we see a more mature story telling? Currently I don't think many people would find the stories overly deep or emotional, with a few exception following a more PG comic book slant of OTT bad guys and conflict which is at both times galaxy spaning and ineffective with no real follow on. Now SGR would hopefully be told in a mature adult way and as such will this be seen in the rest of the story writing?
I would hope so. If some of the same writers get involved with writing possible new chars, I don't know though. I like some writers' input more than others. Since TOR is rated "T", as far as sexuality is concerned, we won't be getting to see more, certainly, but a bit more maturity in the writing would be great. I would consider drama, jealousy and all that "mature", in case that was unclear.