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Quote: Originally Posted by Mubrak View Post
TB's active window stays at 10s, alacrity only affects the cooldown.
Pretty sure it affects the duration, as well.
Edit: Verifiying it now
Edit 2: Result: Aparently it does remains as 10s ( Good to learn stuff! I thank you for calling it out ). Nevertheless, I wouldn't bother since you are more benefitted from using Lethal Strike's potential than Toxic Blast's potential and because it is impossible to get the 6th Corrosive Assault. Why? Simple answer: Right before you start using Corrosive Assault, you will want to use Lethal Strike to take advantage of the enhanced DPS that it gives for the bursts.

Basically like this :
Shiv -> 0 TA + (1 TA + Fatality) = 2 TA
Toxic Blast -> (1 TA + Fatality) + 1 = 3 TA /// Toxic Blast buff is up
Lethal Strike -> Lethal Strike buff is up
Corrosive Assault 3x -> 3 TA - 3 (from using Corrosive Assaults) = 0 TA
Stim Boosted Corrosive Assault -> 0 + 1 TA from SB = 1 TA -> 1 TA - 1(from using Corrosive Assault) = 0
Lethal Strike buff ends after this
HoloTraverse (proc TA) Corrosive Assault -> 0 + 1 TA from HT = 1 TA -> 1 TA - 1(from using Corrosive Assault) = 0 /// Toxic Blast will end in the next GCD after this one

After the HT + CA, you will have no more TA, thus no matter if you want to use an ability to build TA, you will be without Toxic Blast when the Corrosive Assault Burst comes.

Take note that I am NOT saying that Toxic blast is useless. It is just that Lethal Strike is a bigger opportunity for big damage. The ideal situation is having both up, of course.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mubrak View Post
No, in this case PVP
I don't think the HoloTraverse utility ( or whatever its called lol ) is that good. You could be sacrificing a lot, in other departments, if you ask me, but that's me. I usually take the Stim Boost heal + damage reduction Utility and Blow for Blow.