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Also don't forget about the Circumvention utility for Holotraverse.

Generating TA on HT allows you to have a 5 CA round every 3 rotations, and with high enough alacrity and good timing you can squeze in 6 CA in the TB window when both Stim boost and Holotraverse are available.
That's actually pretty hard. And I believe you can get, at best, 5 TAs inside TB, no matter what order you use the ability. And Toxic Blast lasts for 10s (roughly longer than 6 GCDs but not enough to reach 7), assuming we are applying GCD of 1,5s. Toxic Blast is affected by alacrity as well, so even with shorter CDs, would be no different.

Shiv with Fatality = 2 TA
Toxic Blast = 1 TA
Sim Boost = 1 TA
Circumvention = 1 TA

If there's an alternative that can be used Off GCD, that's nice, but you'd have to use one ability to build TA inside TB, so yeah, 5. ^^

Quote: Originally Posted by Mubrak View Post
When the target already has the shiv debuff (trying to run away) you can also open a rotation with Dart>Grenade>HT>TB, and I also like to use that extra TA from HT immediately for Toxic haze.
I assume you are speaking PvE wise?