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TOR will continue to limp along for another year or so I think, but the lack of community feeling in the game will be its death.

At the core, TOR is not a terrible game by any means. Max-level is shambolic, but the 1-49 experience of questing and fairly entertaining (if a little thin) Warzone PvP keeps things interesting. Sure they dropped the ball on a ton of stuff, but other stuff eg: the questing system is the best I've encountered in any MMO.

What keeps MMOs alive is Community and IMHO this is where TOR fails the hardest. Still not having a proper server forum system is inexcusable. The game world is so wide-open and/or instanced off into little pockets of storyline that you barely even see anyone else. The "fleet" experience is also very underwhelming, most people hanging around either the GTN or the PvP quest giver.

Community keeps even the worst MMOs alive, but TOR's complete lack might spell its doom. Time will tell I guess...

For me it almost feels like a xbox game at this point since i really dont have to talk to anyone. I load in, que and get the daily and log out. once u have epics whats the point of continueing? In swg the main reason i stayed as long as i did was the community, all the drama and crazyness kept it interesting but here we dont have that. Que up fight win/lose and do it again.
Swtor needs more pvp