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To expand on that a little, there are four statuses relevant to this discussion. Three are straightforward:
* Free-to-Play, accounts that have *never* paid any money to the game.
* Preferred, accounts that have paid in some way in the past. (Bought Cartel Coins, bought the Digital Deluxe Upgrade pack, paid (back in the day) for one of the old expansions, or paid for a subscription.)
* Paid subscription, which includes everything. Also called "Premium" for some inadequately explained reason.

The fourth status is something of an anomaly, any sort of seven-day free subscriber status. These days, that means using a referral code, since none of the other sources of these that they've had in the past are available. Free subscriber status doesn't include any content your account had not already unlocked, and in particular it does not inlcude access to levels above 70 and the 6.0 "Onslaught" story content, *unless you already had that because you had previously had a paid subscription*.

So the only way to advance now is to pay for a subscription.
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