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Shock and Jawa and Full Metal Jawa are accepting new members.

We are here for you! Newbies and low-level players are always welcome. Don’t be shy!

Bring all your Alts! We’re altaholics and not afraid to admit it!

We have Ops teams, and weekly Ops open to anyone.

We only have a few rules!
Be respectful of others.
Don't be offensive or profane in guild or voice chat.
Be age 16 or over.

If you are interested in us, we’re interested in you! (We’re probably interested in you, anyway.)

Ask any member you see if you can speak to an officer! We’re here for you! Or you can apply on our website at


PvE Centered
Team Ops, Weekly Open Ops
Flagship & Stronghold with all the conveniences!
XP and Reputation bonuses
Weekly repair allowances

Our objective to provide a clean, safe, and friendly group where people can have fun. We have ladies, married couples, LGBT folks, bachelors, grandmas, minorities, etc, etc... We've been troll free since 2012!

Be a Jawa, not a jerk! Join us and have fun!
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