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02.07.2019 , 03:45 PM | #61
Hello! Saw your post in another thread and it sounded like this may be what im looking for, so hopefully, I am what you're looking for.

Im fairly new to this game (been playing about a week and a half) though i am somewhat familiar in MMO's in general. like many, i played ALOT of WoW waaaay back when, though ill admit haven't played one in quite some time. In the process of figuring things out and leveling. pretty much playing solo at present and i dont know anyone who plays this game, so i figure joining a guild would be a nice way to connect with people when im feeling confident enough for the group stuff.

I'm not an RP'er. Im also not really interested in the pvp, though i am open to it if someone wants to show me the ropes.

I play empire side on characters Talli Zorah and Kwan Tchi. Look forward to hearing from you if i meet your standards, and if i don't, id still be interested to know what i need to do TO meet your standards.