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I found 1589 is the Accuracy 110.00% mark with the 70 stim giving 240 you need 1349.
3258 gives my hatred assassin 15.55% alacrity and the set that gives 2% is not working or is not showing the adjustment or I would only need about 2200 to get over the 15.35% mark if the sets work together.
The sets really need to work or show they are working.
I will probably run 1349 accuracy, 1300+ alacrity for the 1.4 GCD and the rest crit about 2800 as a 1.3 GCD puts my assassin at only 1147 crit 27.2 and 59.75 modifier very low for crit too low.
With the mods being random on their stats it is hare to show a good minimum balance without the former fixed numbers.

I also believe the Amplifiers are affecting the stats you get as some with high amplifier numbers have poor power or tertiary stat. And I do not think they are working at all. Plus seeing thirty five different amplifiers is confusing and should show as a combination of the buffs they give. Like I have six life stealing buffs and I know I have them so cant I get the total percentage in one spot? I don't need to know where the amp is.
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