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Yeup just tried again for the millionth time. Everytime I get to the datacron I die. I dont get a chance to run. Something has got to be done about that or you wont get next months 14.99. Ive quit before because of a BS datacron that was glitched and ill quit for good over this one and its not glitched. Who ever thought of this datacron should be fired. Its not fair that some of us cant even get a chance to run. It may be the keyboard but! We all cant afford 200 300 dollar keyboards. Fix it or lose me as a customer for good. Why should I play if I cant max out my characters?
OMG... you new SWTOR players are freakin whiners..."make it easier or I quit"..... My husband did it on his FIRST try, its a pattern stupid... you cant sit there and RP walk through it, you click and you RUN out IN A PATTERN. my god, read a guide.. or try harder... or....grow some balls and suck less... or better yet - unsub.
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