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06.28.2018 , 02:37 PM | #30
You have to make a quick decision every time you go to cleanse. If it was more reliable and would cleanse the higher priority debuffs without fail, then it would make sense. But if you spend a GCD on someone at low health to effectively heal them for 2500 health and they remain stunned for 3 more seconds, you've probably caused their death.

There are times when just going into your strong HPS burst response heals could be better. Where it's possible that an cleansed person could activate a DCD, get to cover, etc, its also possible that the same target could be killed due to lack of HPS.

I cleanse when I know its going to get what I'm trying to cleanse (no more than 1 other cleansable debuff present) or when I know that I cannot out HPS the damage, and since I'm a sorc, likely I'm going to pull them and then cast a desperation cleanse when I can neither out HPS or pull.

I wish cleansing was more reliable and more rewarding.