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11.05.2019 , 03:10 PM | #3
I think they didn't make much for him, cose not everyone has or use HK51 . Same goes for Treek .

They were added, and once upon a time..everyone was running with either one, but not everyone had them.

And when they made the Level Sync and the change to the companions ''be whatever , heal, dps, Tank'' , those 2 took a back seat . I don't even see anyone use them anymore .

I have both, but don't think much of either . I mean, I personally feel like all these HK-Trolls are lack luster in comparaison to the Original HK47 . I would have been happy if they created a robot thats unique. Not a lame copy paste of something we had...but barely feel the same .

Just my 2$
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