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11.01.2019 , 09:16 PM | #1
I couldn't find one thread talk about this so I decided to do it instead.

am I the only one here who thinks that swtor honestly could've done more with HK-51? I mean think about it, he had a bit of a storyline with being the only surviving HK unit on the fatality and after you rescue him he comes along with you, you chat a bit, do something with his programming and that's it, you NEVER interact with him again after this.

You'd think that MAYBE he'd get a role in the outlander story where he serves as the replacement for HK-55 but no, he just gets ONE scene in a cantina and that's it.

Honestly having YOUR HK assassin droid with you during the outlander story would've been awesome but now we're probably never gonna see HK-51 again which sucks.