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I'd say, from my experience as a lvl 43 Sniper, 40+ Juggernauts, Marauders and Powertechs are my worst nightmares... They simply outlive whatever I can throw at them... Heck Powertechs and Juggernauts can just waltz through my friendlies straight to me, down me and then strut around for quite a while before hitting the dirt, with only exception is me getting a good healing or pulling out a good knockback down the ledge or having them get zerged down hardcore.

Maras are particularly depressing with Obfuscate, Undying Rage and Saber Ward... just can't touch them. Their stealth only adds insult to injury.

Assassins, Ops and Sorcs are much easier - at least you can nuke them down, if they go Rambo on you. I also find it much easier to run away from those.

Snipers and Arsenal Mercs are not much of a threat really, just because if you are at a disadvantage you can simply LoS and run away FTW or just wait until they get zerged down...

Basically over my history of PvP, warriors climbed from "lol free kill" status to something I don't even target anymore, because it is pointless and with all the firepower I need to down one, I would probably kill 2 Sorcs/Sins.

Mark my words, in 1-2 months you will see a whole *****torm of QQ threads about Warriors, they gain power later on at alarming rates.
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