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I agree with laughable, but in a funny sense. I too find it funny that some of these things that have been around forever seem so difficult to kill.

The one that cracks me up the most is the BH "guns keep firing at target, even after death" one. I laugh at my BH friends in mumble all the time... "Get him!! Get him dead!! Make sure!! Get him get him!!!" Oh man, I love that one.

I also agree that these are pretty trivial when it comes to level of game-breaky-ness, but they do take away from the immersion of the MMO and ruin the feeling of being IN a star wars movie. You would never see Boba Fett wasting time and energy firing at dead bodies. lol Or Leia disappear when Jabba puts her in the slave girl outfit. (ok ok, they gave Ashara her body....but why does she look like she's wearing nanotech full body underwear with all sorts of grid lines?)

Anyway, sure there are small bugs, but when they're small bugs that have been around since beta, it makes me question why they don't just take care of them already.
Yup very funny indeed, made my day
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