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I agree but polish is a low priority when some people are still crashing to desktop.

They're finished with their mass effect francise so why not transfer that team to swtor?!
Because Mass Effect 3 stunk? I want the people who originally worked on Mass Effect 1 to be brought in and fix SWTOR, at least those people were passionate about what they were doing. It seems that all the effort put into SWTOR got downsized by the evil, cash grabbing EA company.

I can't really blame anyone for putting the hate on BioWare considering they allowed themselves to be gobbled up by the EA monster. I hate them too for allowing their creative vision to be squandered for the sake of funding from EA. If George Lucas cared about Star Wars at all anymore, he'd have fronted some of his vast wealth through Lucas Arts to pay for the development for this game. He's already making a nice paycheck from this IP...

I dunno why they cant fix these load times. I mean I actually consider myself fortunate when I get the odd black screen load time. It's a black screen with a UI for 3 to 5 minutes but it only takes 5 to 6 minutes to load initially, I consider that a good load...
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