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but feel free to explain why im (or smarty) wrong, always glad to see other opinions.
Regardless, as long as the enhancements (and mods) are bound to an anatomic gear slot, then at 252 level its probably only useful to exchange identically named enhancements. For most dps classes, the token items have at least one extra Initiative enhancement above optimal. So, you would have already replaced the Initiative with a Quick Savant at the 248 level. At 252, the ratio of Acc/Crit/Alac enhancements and augments should be the same as for 248, barring any swaps you choose to make of Crit Augs for Mastery ("Versatile") Augs. Its only at 258 that you can keep the stock enhancements and not have too much wasted Accuracy (> 737) or Alacrity (> 1857).

The earpiece/implants will be fine, as long as they are Quick Savant ones. Relics are fine. You can use Lethal unlettered mods if they are from the same anatomic slot. And, you'll be able to use most of the enhancements, again if they are from the same anatomic slot (so, basically all except the boots enhancement).

If you get a duplicate 252 in a command crate at least you could choose to disintegrate for UC. Otherwise you're just hoping that someday they'll fix the bug.
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