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Hi i got a few questions you guys maby can help whit.
Can i remove mods and enhansment from new 252 and put it in my old ger? Next question is do the trade up to 258 work as it use to its just the shell who is needed or is it the armoring?
Final question is if any one has started to count out whats needed for BIS ger?

Sorry for my bad english.
yes you can move them, but they are slot bound. like armorings prior to 5.10., mods and enh are now tied to their slot as well. if you got a 252 leg piece, you can only put all 3 mods into another leg piece. we dont know yet if its a bug or "feature" and BW is trolling us to increase the grind, but it is how it is.
same goes for set bonus. 252/258 doesnt combine with 248 set bonus, allthough both have exactlyt the same.

didnt test the trade in yet, but i guess the shell is enough.

for gearing and optimal stats i suggest smartys spreadsheet.

due to the new slots bindings, it will be hard to optimize your gear according to his suggestions, tho.