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I've seen YoTube video of them making their own lightsabers. It was so cringy. People there just wanted to make it fast and those "actors" were dragging it on and on and on. Personally I'll probably see it, when NEVER comes around. I mean actually going there.
I felt the same way. I believe there's a fundamental disconnect. They do the lightsaber building ceremony as if they expect children to participate. It would be perfect for them. However, how many families are going to spend $225 per child to participate? Oh wait, I forgot the $12+ each kyber crystals, of which you'll want several, even some of the same color to get the various characters for your holocron. Plus holocrons. So... $300 per child?

I imagine if you asked them to skip the ceremony and just sell you the saber, they'd do it without complaint.

The outpost, however, looks fantastic and I'm excited about the new hotel (with cosplay) that they're building at Disneyworld. Hopefully they'll update their costume rules for it.
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