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My $0.02 (going to say many obvious things, but they're worth stating)

Myself and many others STARTED playing this game because of the awesome stories and the immersive SW universe. I played consistently for the first 4 years the game was out as a subscriber the whole time, but I recently came back and re-subbed because of all the great new story content that had been created in the last three years. After having played through it the last few weeks I can say it lived up to the hype. The promise of a new immersive story is going to bring more people back like me, and hyping that up with various articles between now and 6.0's release is a great idea.

I KEPT playing for so long because of all of the things to do in the "end game." (also, playing through all of the different class stories) Customizing our character and spec was a great "mini game" through our gear and disciple and other means over the years (there is a delicate mix between individual customization and over complication that I feel has been met). Progressing through different tiers of operations, leveling up our gear, and doing the different daily areas and flashpoints was a central part of the game to me for years and something I found very enjoyable. The Rakghoul flashpoint was particularly awesome (the one where the doc turns into a beast at the end with the really hard robot fight early on) to me because it was hard enough to require a good group with real planning and coordination when it first came out, and it offered very real rewards that mattered to hard mode ops teams and felt appropriate for the challenge of the content. It really felt like a 4-person operation. Showcasing the end game options while highlighting the new choices for gear and specialization will peak people's interest as a game worth playing for a long time.

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