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04.30.2019 , 12:10 AM | #14
I would also like specifics on some other issues that frequently wind up being ninja changes:

1. With the embracing of legacy gearing, and the new set bonus for every spec rather than advanced class, how are these working together? I.e. do I now need a focus guardian set and a vigi guardian set? Or are you actually going full legacy embracing and letting them transition as needed - i.e. my concentration sent can share with my vigi guardian because the set swaps when I put it on my sent. I tend to think the answer to this is that I will need multiple sets per toon, as they are also talking about "general" set bonuses. If there are general set bonuses, why would the set bonus adapt based on spec and class?

2. I assume that, like always with new major expansion, there will be a new tier of special mats used for crafting high level gear. Are you going to pull a change like in conquest where you suddenly make the existing ones useless without giving us any kind of prior notification? All I ask is you give us a chance to sell or use them before making them suddenly useless.

3. Will UCs remain as a currency for gearing? If not, will they be refunded like the crystal system was?

4. I am assuming because of the massive changes that are coming, and there being a new level cap, and major expansion that there are going to he 3 new gear tiers. If not, will 252/8 remain locked behind Ossus?

The information you have provided is nice, but I sense communication winding down once more. I get that we are going into a major expansion in September, but the players would like forewarning of major changes before they are totally finalized, to avoid another GC disaster as we saw with early 5.0. I was one of the ones who, going into that expansion, told you 100% RNG was bad. At that time, I was being incredibly nice about the situation, to the point where someone else said I was someone you should listen to.

You didn't listen to the criticism and released it full RNG. Then there was another massive server merge. I sincerly hope, Musco, that you guys learned from this experience. This game is riding on the IP. If it wasnt star wars, or even if marvel had a story driven mmo, I wouldnt be here any longer. Remind me why I have been so devoted to this game for so long.