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First, they just did a name purge like 2yrs ago, I think it was. Correct me if I'm wrong someone, though.
About that Name purge, it wasnt really a name purge it was the issue with the server merges. What they did was merge servers and with that you would have multiple toons with the same name. So they actually didnt do a name purge but forced many people to rename and made it difficult for them since there were suddenly many players on the same server with same name. The good thing was that, sure, if there was a toon with same name as your toon and that toon wasnt played at all you got to keep your toons name cause of that.

A name purge would actually be nice since it would really free up a lot of names as many players left the game (mainly from start of the game) and the older players have the original forms of name names (without comas or whatever).

On the otherhand, people here are right that you do have many choices now. You have the possibility to use a space between the names, comas and much more. If you have a name like John then you can make Jo'hn but still if that original John doesnt play for years, people will only see your toon, so its still unique.
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