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PS: If you're talking about TFB, there's also the question of those mysterious panels in the datacore rooms.
The mysterious panels aren't actually all that mysterious. On the PTS, there was a bug that happened where killing the cores didn't open the doors so the panels were added to allow you to open the doors even if it bugged. Even though they fixed the bug, they're still there because they didn't really see a point in removing them since the entire room aggros you as soon as you enter it, even if you're in stealth (and you can't click the panel while in combat). The only way to click it before everything is dead is to have a stealther use their vanish and click it *really* quickly while everyone else makes sure to keep the enemies away (since they use a lot of AoEs) and you stand in the right spot so that the cores don't fry you. I've done it a couple times just for lols-sake, but you still have to kill everything so there's no real point.
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