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02.17.2020 , 06:47 PM | #23
Had this same issue; left it for the last couple of weeks then looked on the forums and found this thread. Based on the report that the bug had been fixed I tried again today and used the suggestions here.

Found shooting the adds more effective than stomping, kept the shield up amap, circled the walker when not zapping adds, and kept firing on it. I also tried stomping the walker at close range (on top of it really) I think it also did some damage that way. When my health bar went below 30% I went to the shrine entrance, moved out of line of the red beams every time, kept up firing on the walker, and BARELY survived.

At least it's done. All to have some of my choices stick going forward with this game; not what I'd call fun. That said I haven't tried out Jedi under seizure with an imp, Ossus was nice the little I've done, and I'm trying to be positive about future story plans. I would like to get past kotxx as far and as fast as possible.

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